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The war over Ukraine – on Wikipedia*

Catarina Buchatskiy.

A botanical audience for art

Peeter Laurits looks back on the 8th Artishok Biennale, titled "Botanical Witnesses".

Speak, artist, to the forest within us!

Hanno Soans praises Merike Estna’s solo exhibition "Soil Will Not Contain Our Love".

Ensuring that meanings are shared

Gregor Kulla’s essay on the group exhibition "Her Legs, an Egg, Her Toil(e) and Blankets".

The beauty and pain of a pavilion

Johanna Jolen Kuzmenko spent a week at the Rietveld pavilion in the Giardini, the exceptional site for this year’s Estonian pavilion.

"documenta fifteen" between the East and the West

Kaire Nurk’s travel diary from Kassel.

Indra Ameng: "For us "documenta" was just a platform."

Francisco Martínez interviewed Indra Ameng, who is a member of the Indonesian art collective ruangrupa and ssprogramme coordinator of "documenta fifteen".

Conflicts and clashes – the festival "Time. Space. Movement"

Ketlin Käpp writes about the1990s art scene using Paide as an example.

Hi, I’m your new neighbour!

Urmas Lüüs went to see the curatorial exhibition of the Association of Estonian Printmakers, "Open Your Eyes/Worlds".

Memories, background and dust

Erkki Luuk went to see the exhibition "Dust" by Tiina Sarapu and Julija Pociūtė.

Ten commandments and one big wall full of cries for help

Valner Valme reviews Marko Mäetamm’s solo exhibition "The Ten Commandments".

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The 1930s–1950s in Estonian art: the aesthetics of totalitarianism

Johannes Saar analyses the exhibition "Still Lifes on National Motifs".

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A significative and contemplative act of attention

Ramiro Camelo analyses Jonna Kina’s film "Four Sculptures in Fifteen Pieces".

A peaceful life

Erkki Luuk visited Raul Keller’s solo exhibition "Tranquil Beauty".

... draws you in and slips away

Vano Allsalu went to see the exhibition "The Burning Man – Peeter Mudist".

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Art to some, science to others

Aleksander Zahharov examines "Art or Science", an exhibition created by the University of Tartu Museum, the Art Museum of Estonia, and the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Attention, digitally processed figures!

Erkki Luuk reviews Taavi Suisalu’s solo exhibition "Attention Figures".


Taavi Eelmaa & InferKit on Piia Ruber’s solo exhibition "Cutting Proximity".

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