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Does the Estonian arts policy need to strike a balance between centralisation and decentralisation? What will happen to grass roots art initiatives in the long run? Is there some kind of abstract graph of global coordinates with which we could "objectively" compare all the artists in the world and ascertain which one is the most important? Or do we, in fact, want to create some kind of local hierarchies, according to which the close at hand is always more important than the distant? At a time when the lines in the field of experience, circumstance, motivation and approaches, methods and concepts of various generations are intersecting in the Estonian art scene, art has become a far more complicated phenomenon than ever before.

They say art is larger than life, but that is just one reason to get yourself this issue of KUNST.EE, the art quarterly devoted to various aspects of contemporary art and visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are already rather more specific, inviting the reader to delve into an artwork, follow the artist and to critically consider the results.

In this issue, questions in the field of art are posed by Heie Marie Treier, Anu Allas, Anu Vahtra, Indrek Grigor, Kaire Nurk, Kristel Markus, Anna-Liisa Laarits, Immo Mihkelson, Hedi Rosma, Siim Preiman, Tõnis Tatar, Tõnu Karjatse, Eva-Erle Lilleaed and Andreas Trossek. Questions, questions, questions…

Stay tuned!

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