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2012: winners

Sigrid Viir. In May she became one of the most talked about young artists in New York with her photographic installations at "Pulse" contemporary art fair. A Pulse Prize of $2,500 and a warm handshake from the Estonian minister of culture!

Timo Toots. In May he won the main Golden Nica prize in the category of interactive art at "Ars Electronica" 2012. Interactive ID-card based installation!

Flo Kasearu. In May she won both the jury award and the people’s choice award at the exhibition of nominees for the 2012 Köler Prize at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia (EKKM). The people and the experts have spoken!

Visible Solutions LLC. A company co-owned by three artists, who exhibited at "Manifesta" 9, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, from June to September, and were subsequently awarded the Baltic Assembly art prize. This is where criticism of creative industries finally gets you – onto the award pedestal!

Denés Farkas. In August he won the competition for the Estonian pavilion, organized by the Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia (CCAE), and will represent Estonia in 2013 at the 55th international art exhibition la Biennale di Venezia. Post-conceptual black-and-white photography, printed matter and text!

Peeter Laurits. A photo artist who, this October, became surprisingly "too radical" for some Russian orthodox people in Moscow with one of his older works that was paradoxically all about being critical of consumerism. Unbelievable but true – let's just remind ourselves of the massive media coverage in both the Estonian and Russian media, stemming from Marat Gelman's blog!

Marge Monko. In October she won the "Henkel Art.Award" competition, receiving 7,000 euros and a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna (MUMOK). Before this, from June to September, she exhibited at "Manifesta" 9, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. Feminism rules!

Temnikova & Kasela. A gallery which, in November, won the prize for the best new gallery at "Artissima" contemporary art fair in Torino. This year the gallery has represented Estonian artists in New York, London, Vienna, Moscow, St Petersburg, Basel and Miami. Go-go global, tiny Estonian art!

Rael Artel. In November she won the competition to become the new director of the Tartu Art Museum. Enough of freelance curating!

Kaido Ole. In November he won the Konrad Mägi medallion and 3,200 euros for his recent solo exhibition at Kumu Art Museum. The highest peer award in the guild of Estonian painters!

Paul Kuimet. In December he won the Sadolin art award, receiving 5,000 euros. Who dared to say that photography in the key of the Helsinki School is boring?!

2012: losers

M. S., M. K., T. T., L. P., J. M., et al opinion leaders who seem to dislike contemporary art almost by default. You just don't get it, do you?

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