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They say that art is "bigger than life" – but that is only one reason to get your own copy of KUNST.EE, a quarterly magazine dedicated to the contemporary art scene and various aspects of visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are usually already very specific, inviting the reader to focus on the artwork, to follow the artist and to critically contemplate on the results.

The following topics are discussed in this issue: The percentage law – what's on and what's coming up; what new artworks are now enriching our public space? Does the Estonian art world need a generational shift or simply more cooperation between the different generations? What is the state of contemporary Estonian painting? What could Yevgeni Zolotko and Katrin Koskaru possibly have in common? The Polymer Culture Factory (2002–2014) is now history but what really happened there? And, as a bonus, what has been going on in art galleries and museums for the past few months? What news and recent art books and catalogues should we read? And so on…

Stay tuned!

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