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"Huupi's treatment of colour reveals her source of inspiration in creating this series – the Mexican architect Luis Barragán (1902–1988), whose few completed buildings in Mexico are undoubtedly architectural gems. The design of his own home has been widely recognised and the building currently functions as the architect's house museum." – Mary-Ann Talvistu "Without light, there would be no colours" (KUNST.EE 4/2021)


Why does the cost of gold rise?

Riin K├╝barsepp (3-4/2011)

Riin Kübarsepp talks about gold in the context of art


The theme of Marje Taska’s exhibition X Kilos of Gold was the (inverse) relationship between gold and soil. The artist is interested in the question of where we invest in life, where do we search for gold and find it, whether we eventually find it and if this is important at all. Marje Taska works in the field of installation, leather art, painting, sculpture and graphic art and is a member of the Artists Union both in Estonia and Sweden. She lives and works both in Tallinn and Malmö.

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