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"Anyway, the text I wrote was noticed by Flo as well as her mother, the manager of the Pärnu Women's Support Centre, Margo Orupõld, one of the most assured people enlightening the public on the subject of domestic violence. Some time later, Margo brought Flo and myself together to continue work on the subject of domestic violence, to find lesser used artistic approaches to the subject. As a result of our exchange of ideas the book "Vangerdused" (which roughly translates as "Regroupings") was published under the auspices of the Pärnu Women's Support Centre in the summer of 2020." – Jan Kaus, "Flo Kasearu's reach" (KUNST.EE 2020/3)



Magazine of Art and Visual Culture in Estonia 

ISSN 1406-6335 

KUNST.EE is an Estonian quarterly periodical dedicated to the art scene in Estonia and various aspects of contemporary art and visual culture. New issues are out each March, June, September and December. It continues the tradition launched by almanac Kunst in 1958. It is published as a quarterly print periodical since 2000. Previous issues can be electronically accessed in a free online archive since 2009. All contributions are in Estonian and in English since 2012. Fresh issues can be ordered in advance either for six months or for a year both in Estonia and abroad.

New issues are available at the Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall and the Estonian Artists' Association's Hobusepea Gallery.  

Publisher SA Kultuurileht 

Financer Ministry of Culture of Estonia

Sponsor Estonia Artists’ Association

Editorial Board Sirje Helme, Anders Härm, Mari Laaniste, Piret Lindpere, Heie Treier

Editorial Staff Andreas Trossek (editor-in-chief), Hedi Rosma (Estonian language editor) 

Designer Margus Tamm 

Estonian language proofreader Tiina Hallik

English language proofreader Michael Haagensen

Translator Re:finer

New publications section Elin Kard

Print House Pajo

Image reproduction Estonian Authors' Society

The periodical is listed in EBSCO and ARTbibliographies Modern database.

SA Kultuurileht


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