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The stars wear combat boots, streaking the Estonian night

 Johannes Saar , commissioner of Estonia’s entry for the 53rd Venice Biennale, talks about the chosen project – After-War by Kristina Norman

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Mark Raidpere: “The only reprieve in the existence of this unhappy species comes from the ability to create art”

 Mark Raidpere , winner of the Ars Fennica award, talks to KUNST.EE’s Ave Randviir
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The best of the Baltics vs. the best of the Nordics? Or, how to define ‘award-winning art’.

Maria-Kristiina Soomre discusses exhibitions of work by finalists for the Ars Fennica and Swedbank awards for contemporary art
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Language debate!

Tactical media. Neither good, nor bad, but necessary

Margus Tamm provides an introduction to tactical media and the examples of its use in the Estonian context
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Tactical Media and the End of the End of History

KUNST.EE translates Gene Ray’s overview of tactical media (all rights reserved by the author)

Dead hares and the triumph of justice in the world

Andreas Trossek asks Eha Komissarov about her participation in the play How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare by NO99 Theatre

On Translocal Express and other things

Andreas Trossek interviews Rael Artel on the seminar about nationalism, Translocal Express. Golden Age, which took place at Kumu Art Museum 26.–27.03.2009
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Hier wäre das Leben leicht?

Elise Florenty analyses the curatorial project Hier wäre das Leben leicht? by Mari Laanemets in Berlin

On the possibility of collective happiness

Maria Saviste’s thoughts on Happy Together in Tallinn Art Hall 28.01–01.03.2009
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Marko Mäetamm double-conquering America

Karin Laansoo’s overview of the New York double debut of Marko Mäetamm
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Heie Treier writes about Tõnu Soo’s solo exhibition in Tallinn Art Hall Gallery 28.02.–8.03.2009 (curator Tõnu Kaalep)
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Marge Monko, Rosie the Riveter, Kati the Weaver and Nora

Johannes Saar speaks about Marge Monko’s exhibition Bread and Flowers in Draakoni Gallery 8.–21.03.2009
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Comeback of the working woman

Katrin Kivimaa’s thoughts on Liina Siib’s photo exhibition Woman Takes Little Space in Hobusepea Gallery 19.–30.03.2009
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Commentary on Capitalism

Katrin Kivimaa decodes Andres Tali’s exhibition Das Kapital. Kritik der politischen Ökonomie in Hobusepea Gallery, 1.–13.04. 2009
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Laboratory for internal experience

Mari Laaniste writes about Maarit Murka’s solo exhibition in two Tallinn galleries (8.04-2.05.2009 at ArtDepoo, simultaneously at SooSoo)
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… and the Prime Minster says “... !”

Andreas Trossek’s summary of Tanja Muravskaja’s solo exhibition Lucky Losers in Tallinn City Gallery 16.04.2009−3.05.2009
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Hometown Tartu

Indrek Grigor writes about the Tartu version of the Tõnis Saadoja solo exhibition Hometown Tallinn (Siili tn 6–39, Tartu 17.04–13.05.2009)
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Eva & Adele in Tallinn

Heie Treier speaks about a show Stereo-Effect, an exhibition, which was curated by Harry Liivrand in Tallinn Art Hall 22.04.–28.05.2009
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Paean to the disappearing individual artist

Elnara Taidre talks about the exhibition of young artists curated by Kiwa in Vaal Gallery 7.05.–9.06.2009
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Okas in the dominion of time

Teet Veispak takes a critical look at the monograph of Evald Okas



A magazine project edited and compiled by Anneli Porri and designed by Indrek Sirkel, which reveals the thoughts of Anneli’s students at the Estonian Academy of Arts concerning magazines in Estonia and abroad.

Hotell Pärnu: Rael Artel Gallery Non Profit Project Space 2004-2008

An ‘obituary’ of the Rael Artel Gallery – Non Profit Project Space by Rael Artel with designer Jaan Evart, which sums up the activities of the project space in Pärnu and Tartu.
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