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Art Centre for Dismissed Employees

Introduction by Airi Triisberg
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The end of work: the ‘Bronze Night’ ball, the pop of the real estate bubble and the unemployment blues

Andreas Trossek goes to see Anders Härm’s curatorial exhibition Blue-Collar Blues in Tallinn Art Hall, but meanwhile finds himself at the door of Statistics Estonia

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Let’s talk about nationalism: between the national robot and cyberpunk

An exhibition analysis by Anneli Porri, or why it is still important to talk about nationalism three years after the ‘Bronze Night’
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The image of Eastern Europe in the Transitland video archive

The video art archive of Eastern Europe and its representative exhibition in Budapest possess both scope and weight, says Margaret Tali
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Women with balls

Heie Treier analyses the exhibition Gender Check. Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe in Vienna, and the exhibition The Soviet Woman in Estonian Art in Tallinn
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Why POPart Forever!?

The director of Kumu Art Museum, Anu Liivak, gives a comprehensive overview of the arrival of pop art in Estonia within the limits of the Iron Curtain
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Kaire Nurk interviews Kaarel Kurismaa

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Torture and Remedy: The End of Isms and the Beginning Hegemony of the Impure

KUNST.EE translates Jörg Heiser’s analysis of ‘isms’ (or the lack thereof) in contemporary art (all rights reserved by the author)

A ‘geography’ conference for art historians

Kristina Jõekalda scribbled down a few thoughts 
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The small exorcisms of Laurel Nakadate

Karin Laansoo introduces the video art of Laurel Nakadate
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Stillness in contemporary French art

Paul Bernard gives a critical overview of the contemporary French art scene
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The village starts in the city

Paul Bernard and Alo Paistik interview Eric Troncy, the director of the Dijon Contemporary Art Centre
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No Story, Just a Hero: Zidane and the Art Game

Zoe Stillpass’s contextual analysis
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The late comeback of Jack Early

Karin Laansoo is excited about the New York comeback of Jack Early
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I am going to Miami, welcome to Miami

Sandra Jõgeva’s report: Art Container at Fountain Art Fair in Miami, December 3–6, 2009
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A Danish messiah in an American ghetto

Carl-Dag Lige visited the exhibition Faith, Hope and Love – Jacob Holdt’s America
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Japan as the symbol of an ideal space in the art and spatial theory of Tõnis Vint

Elnara Taidre’s excursion into the oriental background to the art of twentieth century Estonian avant-garde classic Tõnis Vint
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Krista Mölder and the pleasure of visual text

Elnara Taidre analyses Krista Mölder’s photographic exhibition
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Alice Kask’s dialogue with the tradition of painting

Eero Kangor delves into the quaint realism of Alice Kask
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A mirror lies between opposites

At the Window, an exhibit by Silja Saarepuu and Villu Plink comprising a selection of works done during 2004–2010. Siram reviews
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Jevgeni Zolotko’s spatial studies

Ellu Maar analyses the spatial installation Grey Signal / Retort2
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Andreas Trossek views Flo Kasearu and Tõnis Saadoja’s joint exhibition 21.05.09 and 14.06.09
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The stillborn superstar Stiv

The final deathmatch of the exhibition Stiv, Superstar: Maria Juur vs Madis Luik & Jarmo Nagel
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In Vicinity, or this is what we bought

Liina Siib views Paul Kuimet’s debut exhibition about urban sprawl
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Notional sensuality and sensual notionality

Margus Ott explores Raoul Kurvitz’s project FLOW
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You, Me and Everyone We Don’t Know

Airi Triisberg analyses Anna-Stina Treumund’s debut exhibition, which may be the first exhibition in Estonia to deal with lesbian identity.

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Disappearance of man

Sven Vabar views Sven Saag and Andres Koort’s exhibition Past Continuous in Tallinn – and in relation to Juka Käärmann’s exhibition Birth of a Pond in Tartu
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Strong fragility. Jewellery by Andrus Rumm

Harry Liivrand is excited by Andrus Rumm’s jewellery exhibition Metanoia
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Mister circus director

Maria Jäärats’ exhibition report: The Circus, Artemi Troitski’s exhibit of contemporary art
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The Economist II: The Economics of art in Estonia

A sequel project compiled by Maarin Mürk and Margaret Tali and designed by Margus Tamm and Sverre Lasn, which focuses on private funding of art in Estonia.
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