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Raymond Pettibon, America, Estonia

Andreas Trossek discovers America, and pauses to ask whether Raymond Pettibon (an internationally recognised contemporary artist whose work appeared at the 15th Tallinn Print Triennial, 2011) really is half-Estonian
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The immigrant Kostabis

Heie Treier on the familial background of Kalev Mark Kostabi
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A portrait of Kostabi in the documentary Con Artist


Andris Feldmanis teaches us how to distinguish Kalev Mark Kostabi from the artist’s media image.


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Estonian ‘mystics and moderns’ in USA

Jeremy Canwell curated a show of Estonian painting at the Zimmerli Art Museum, the largest collection of post-war Estonian art in the United States. Questions asked by Andreas Trossek.
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Letters to my father from America

Sandra Jõgeva’s report on the 2011 American tour by the artist group, Art Container
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Significant Margins, as Seen by Liina Siib

Elo-Hanna Seljamaa analyses the art of Liina Siib whose project A Woman Takes Little Space will represent Estonia at the 54th International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia
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With and without Beuys

Margaret Tali analyses the way critical practices in art are successfully switched to the national canon of art history.
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Searching for the motifs of contemporary painting

At the request of KUNST.EE Milda Žvirblytė analyses the processes of change in Lithuanian painting, thereby completing the discussion held on the same subject in Estonian art (see KUNST.EE 2010, No. 3–4).
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An earthly journey

Vappu Thurlow introduces the work of Ilmārs Blumbergs, nominee for this year’s prestigious Purvītis Prize
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Ülo Sooster’s only act of infidelity

Tõnis Tatar gives an overview of the story of finding the graduation work of Ülo Sooster, the top Estonian avant-garde artist.
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(Je vous présente) Konrad Maegui, artiste-peintre

Liisa Kaljula views Konrad Mägi’s artistic development and three excellent monographs of the artist, putting on Tiit Hennoste’s spectacles of self-colonisation.
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Köler Prize 2011

Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (CAME) launched a new contemporary art prize, Anders Härm answers the questions
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Generation BIEM/ZAIKS

Andreas Trossek writes what he thinks of Mihkel Kleis’ solo exhibition Guts’n’Roses
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Time, space, graphic art

Marian Kivila vs. IN Graafika Festival 2011
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Happiness 0–100

Anneli Porri writes about Happiness 0–100,the joint exhibition by Alver Linnamägi and Tõnu Tunnel
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Estna turns a new page

Kadri Karro writes about Merike Estna’s solo exhibition Voyeur
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Modern martyrium

Johannes Saar views Andres Tali’s exhibition Exit (Non-Linear Narrative)
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The power of phrasing

Katrin Kivimaa contextualising the exhibition Untold Stories

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Magic realism of Paradise Regained

Egle Dean about Tanel Veenre’s jewelry
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