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space / transition society
space / continuum
space / déjà vu

Notes On Transition

Aliina Astrova's essay on transition society

Martin Creed: ‘I don't call my works art but work.’

Maria Arusoo, who made her curatorial debut with aplomb at Tallinn Art Hall, interviews Martin Creed in whose London atelier-studio she worked in 2007–2009

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Comment: The Revival of Space 2.0?

Andreas Trossek asks George Steinmann why and how The Revival of Space took place at Tallinn Art Hall in 1992–1995

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homo digitalis / gateways
homo digitalis / art electronica
homo digitalis / video games
homo digitalis / project
east and west / power
east and west / body
grand tour / venice
grand tour / eu
grand tour / (do not enter) netherlands
grand tour / nyc
film / short film
film / documentary 
architecture / estonian academy of arts

Dissonance redistributed

Eduard Jons' fantasia on themes from Gateways: Art and Networked Culture

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In Search of Matter and the Origin of Art Problems

A report by Raivo Kelomees about the 14th Festival Ars Electronica 2011: Origin – How It All Begins, dedicated to issues in art, technology and society

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The Aesthetics of Videogames

Ave Randviir-Vellamo makes an introductory foray into a new field of aesthetics

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Kärt Ojavee & Eszter Ozsvald present ‘SymbiosisW’

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Voina – it is war against corrupt power

Teet Veispak interviews Russian artists disgraced by the powers

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Marina Abramović’s body centred art practices of the 1970s

Triin Tulgiste surveys the early period of Marina Abramović’s work

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Non Grata’s Diverse Universe EU Performance Tour

Al Paldrok reports from the front: Diverse Universe Performance Festival 2011

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Culture as practice against the neo-capitalist ideology

Margaret Tali’s critical essay about the culture cuts of the government of the Netherlands

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New York diary

Liisa Kaljula in the Big Apple – October 2011

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Monochromatic exposure


Kaire Nurk analyses Jaan Toomik’s short film Oleg against the background of his paintings


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Time ennobles everything

Kristiina Davidjants discusses Kristina Norman’s documentary A Monument to Please Everyone

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Interpretation is endless

Liisa Kaljula talks about the exhibition Urmas Ploomipuu’s White House curated by Tõnis Saadoja.

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Alone in the City

Martin Rünk looks at the exhibition of paintings by Jüri Palm and Ludmilla Siim

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Andrei Tarkovski about the significance of Polaroid photos in light of Giorgio

Ragne Nukk analyses the photographic art of Andrei Tarkovski shown in Estonia for the first time at Temnikova & Kasela gallery

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Why does the cost of gold rise?

Riin Kübarsepp talks about gold in the context of art

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‘Suddenly a moment leaps up from the past and captures the mind’

Vappu Thurlow shares her impressions of the exhibition Leaps, leapt, had leapt by Maria-Kristiina Ulas  

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Image, memory and fiction in the Baltics

Eve Kiiler writes about the works of the younger generation of photo artists from the Baltic States

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