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With intuition and empathy

Brigit Arop speaks to Maria Arusoo, Eha Komissarov and Eda Tuulberg, curators of the exhibition "Through the Black Gorge of Your Eyes", which brought together the works of Estonian women printmakers from the 1960s–1980s.

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How to write (about) the female body

Katrin Kivimaa analyses the international group exhibition "The Laugh of the Medusa", curated by Maria Helen Känd.

Creating exhibitions with companions

Johanna Jolen Kuzmenko explores the security, warmth and cosiness that friendship offers.


Inside each cactus is an Excel spreadsheet and inside each person are 160 passwords

Ketlin Käpp reviews "Trance", the main international exhibition at Tallinn Photomonth 2023.

18,000 visitors later

Andreas Trossek visited the exhibition "fugacity", curated by Kristina Grigorjeva and Margit Säde.

The exhibition visitor as a work of art

Triinu Soikmets profiles the audience of Kaido Ole's solo exhibition "K&O" using sociological methods and visitor statistics.

The poiesis of branching

Andrus Laansalu discusses Peeter Laurits, who has had an exceptionally fruitful year of personal exhibitions.

Non Grata 25: "Art cannot be an elitist game in a white cube."

Head of Non Grata, sculptor, performance artist and printmaker Al Paldrok sat down to speak with Meelis Friedenthal.

Socialist Anthropocene – a new grand narrative?

Elnara Taidre interviewed London-based curators, critics and art historians Maja and Reuben Fowkes, who visited Estonia in connection with the Kumu conference "Rethinking Cultures of Environmentalism in Eastern and Northern Europe".

Into the fog

Gregor Kulla writes about Madlen Hirtentreu's solo exhibition "Lullaby Toolbox".

"Tradition should not be idolised, but it is worth preserving."

Kaire Nurk discusses the exhibition "Visual Arts in Tartu in the 1960s" with Mai Levin.


Waiting for nothing

Erkki Luuk delves into Tarvo Varres' solo exhibition "Waiting Is When Time Is Always in Excess and When Time Is Nevertheless Short".

The game must go on

Tõnu Karjatse went to see Erki Kasemets and Camille Laurelli's joint exhibition "Bricolage".

More than graffiti

Margaret Tali and Birgit Tohter contextualise Noah Emanuel Morrison's debut exhibition "NNNNNNNNNNNN".



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