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Hometown Tartu

Indrek Grigor (1-2/2009)

Indrek Grigor writes about the Tartu version of the Tõnis Saadoja solo exhibition Hometown Tallinn (Siili tn 6–39, Tartu 17.04–13.05.2009)
An exhibition held in an apartment is not unprecedented in Tartu. An exhibition held by the art group Lüliti – a phenomenon in its era – also took place in 1990 in a one-room apartment in Aleksandri street. And it is true that the early 1990s, just like the end of the fi rst decade of this century, were characterized by a curious situation on the real estate market. The claim made in Saadoja’s press release – that the development of Tallinn and Tartu are parallel in a number of ways – became completely understandable upon arriving at the venue. It’s in the middle of nowhere, although it’s new. The views of Tallinn on display at the exhibition have largely nothing in the way of content to offer people from Tartu, but for this very reason, the view of ‘hometown Tartu’ from the windows of the ‘gallery’ holds stronger sway.
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