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Fresh issue still on sale! "I will leave this page open, looks like it's not loading. Let me know when it's working again." – Taavi Eelmaa & InferKit, "Triaad" (4/2022)


PROJECT! Artwork-enterprise Visible Solutions presents: Adam Smith’s Pet Invisible Hand in a Cage


Adam Smith’s Pet Invisible Hand in a Cage is a unique product that was born from the symbiosis of entrepreneurship and creativity. It offers truly high value to its users. If used correctly the economic success of the customer is automatically converted to common good and the enterprise or the individual can become socially responsible without any special effort.
The design principles of the product have kept in mind today’s business environment.
Advantages and properties:
Manufacturers code: 1776-B4C2P9
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Visible Solutions
*This is a commercial announcement. OÜ Visible Solutions includes the founding members Karel Koplimets, Sigrid Viir and Taaniel Raudsepp. Their office was open in Hobusepea gallery 28.04.–10.05.2010. – Ed.
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