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KUNST.EE SPRING ISSUE STILL ON SALE: "The fact that the artist is a beggar who essentially pays the state for art – for the opportunity to make art – was articulated very clearly in Estonia in the noughties by female artists in particular." – Eha Komissarov: "The noughties are a very difficult theme to brand.(KUNST.EE 2/2021)


Visual semiotic approach to Jaan Elken’s Poem for mattress, no 1

Rauno Thomas Moss (3-4/2010)

Jaan Elken has led the Estonian Artists’ Association since 1999, but what is so phenomenal about his paintings? KUNST.EE ordered a semiotic assessment from Rauno Thomas Moss.
While referring to Charles Sanders Peirce, one can say that this expressive painting surpasses the conventional. The artist has made a qualitative leap by changing all the metaphors that the remake of the mattress could potentially symbolize in the current context of the art world. Therefore, I find that internal art processes are more important. Playing with alienation is important – and the game is honest and interesting.
Jaan Elken.Sarjast "Poeem madratsile" 1999/2008 < back

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