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Does it make sense to feel melancholy about the future? After all, times of crisis always lead to a certain inability to imagine a better future, and the current coronavirus crisis is no exception. Our relationship with the past is not always straightforward either. How can we feel nostalgia for a time that will never return and will only move away from us step by step? What does the recent history of art teach us anyway? Should we move forward with or without nostalgia?

They say art is larger than life, but that is just one reason to get yourself this issue of KUNST.EE, the art quarterly devoted to various aspects of contemporary art and visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are already rather more specific, inviting the reader to delve into an artwork, follow the artist and to critically consider the results.

In this issue, questions in the field of art are posed by Annika Toots, Johannes Saar, Maarin Mürk, Eha Komissarov, Annika Räim, Tiiu Parbus, Hedi Rosma, Elnara Taidre, Santa Hirsch, Harry Liivrand, Mari-Liis Vanem, Indrek Grigor and Mai Levin. Questions, questions, questions…

Stay tuned!

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