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… and the Prime Minster says “... !”

Andreas Trossek (1-2/2009)

Andreas Trossek’s summary of Tanja Muravskaja’s solo exhibition Lucky Losers in Tallinn City Gallery 16.04.2009−3.05.2009
This solo exhibition proves what was already clear with the exhibition Positions, closed in Tallinn City Gallery just a few days before the outburst of the Tallinn April riots in 2007, and was even more intensively expressed in her 2008 solo exhibition They, Who Sang Together in Vaal Gallery. Firstly, Muravskaja is an artist who is not afraid to touch the themes of the national identity and integration politics of the small post- Soviet republic Estonia. And secondly, she represents a methodically working and conceptually thinking type of artist. The artist describes Estonia´s ‘own’ Russian-speaking and Russian-minded community, and the so-called opinion leaders of that rather difficult to define social segment. At the exhibition we can see a short video portraits of seven persons. Here the artist has set in motion the clinically pure and emotionless passport photo format we know from They, Who Sang Together: some models, forgetting themselves, wink an eye to the camera, others let an involuntary smirk or a quiver slip across their faces, etc.
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