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Alice Kask’s dialogue with the tradition of painting

Eero Kangur (1-2/2010)

Eero Kangor delves into the quaint realism of Alice Kask
Alice Kask’s personal exhibition held at Vaal Gallery in January 2010 displayed six untitled large-scale paintings. The background for Kask’s figures, painted in an emphatically detailed manner, is a bland, grey wall, unnatural shadows and the figure’s position within the space. The space depicted in Kask’s paintings lacks depth, infiniteness. Although Kask presents reality as three-dimensional, she emphasises that we are dealing with a two-dimensional illusion. Has Kask ‘stepped over’ the old masters? It is more likely she wishes to relate to this ancient problem. This is part of her identity as a painter.
Alice Kask, Untitled, 2009 < back

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