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Alone in the City

Martin R√ľnk (3-4/2011)

Martin Rünk looks at the exhibition of paintings by Jüri Palm and Ludmilla Siim


The exhibition curated by Liisa Kaljula brings together two classics of the 1970s – Jüri Palm and Ludmilla Siim – who are united by their interest in urban lifestyle. Urban life is a topical subject both in art as well as literature: urbanization in Estonia has reached a critical stage and society as a whole is providing new meaning to its image of itself. The dialogue emerging as a result of the exhibition is fresh and explorative. Indeed, if we leave aside their common pop traits and overlapping interest in the urban environment, their approach to the subject and their insights are absolutely different. However, this difference and even contradiction creates a tense arena of meaning that underlines the characteristic features of both artists.

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