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Culture as practice against the neo-capitalist ideology

Margaret Tali (3-4/2011)

Margaret Tali’s critical essay about the culture cuts of the government of the Netherlands


On 27 June 2011, a large black advertisement appeared in the New York Times in huge white block letters saying, Do not Enter the Netherlands. Cultural Meltdown in Process. An explanation followed in smaller print: ‘The government of the Netherlands is about to dramatically cut the funding to the arts and this will cause great harm. The unique art of the Netherlands will soon disappear from the international arena.’ The ad was signed by the ‘dissatisfied artists of the Netherlands’. The message appeared as a fresh tactical intervention in the conflict that different parties had fed for quite some time by the beginning of the summer. Even though the discussion in the Dutch media following the ad was reduced to addressing the question of where the money to publish the ad came from and how much it cost, the message about radical culture cuts reached a considerable number of international culture publications.

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