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Disappearance of man

Sven Vabar (1-2/2010)

Sven Vabar views Sven Saag and Andres Koort’s exhibition Past Continuous in Tallinn – and in relation to Juka Käärmann’s exhibition Birth of a Pond in Tartu
Sven Saag, Andres Koort and Juka Käärmann are artists in whose works ambiguousness and the plurality of possible interpretations is especially apparent – and this ambiguity is not merely conceptual but is manifestly evident. Many of Saag’s pictures are portraits in which the image of the person depicted is blurred. The viewer imagines a life in a capsule of loneliness, where the poorly transparent walls reflect Lacan’s Real – the pre-semiotic intruder. Koort’s pictures are dispensed on the same scale of abstractness-concreteness and loneliness-closeness that may be detected in Saag’s. Sven Saag was once the teacher of – and an inspiration to – Juka Käärmann, in the beginning of the latter’s creative career.
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