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Fresh issue still on sale! "I will leave this page open, looks like it's not loading. Let me know when it's working again." – Taavi Eelmaa & InferKit, "Triaad" (4/2022)




In the beginning, was there the word? Or was there, in fact, the image which then had to be set into words? Is the artwork an "unfamiliar" object or should we regard as art that which we have always considered art? Can art have geographical borders or is an artist after all a trans-national subject, for whom it doesn't matter whether their artwork is exhibited in their homeland or far away in a foreign country?

They say that art is "larger than life" – but that is only one reason to get your own copy of KUNST.EE, a quarterly dedicated to the contemporary art scene and various aspects of visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are usually already very specific, inviting the reader to focus on the artwork, to follow the artist and to critically contemplate the results.

In this summer issue questions in the field of art are explored by Marek Tamm, Oliver Laas, Hanno Soans, Maarin Mürk, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Otso Kantokorpi, Sandra Jõgeva, Carl-Dag Lige, Kaire Nurk, Elnara Taidre and others. Questions, questions, questions...

Stay tuned!

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