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Winter 2019

Which was the first work of art to be included in the permanent collection of the Art Museum of Estonia, which celebrated its 100th anniversary on 17 November 2019? And which works have the museum acquired recently? On the occasion of the centenary of the Pallas Art School on 1 October 2019, there was hardly any question the Tartu Art Museum would cele¬brate it with an exhibition drawn from several art collections, but what kind of exhibition was it exactly? And what about the development of collections in private art museums – the Viinistu Art Museum, for instance? What kind of art is worth collecting and how many (hitherto) unknown (female) artists are still to be discovered in art history?

They say art is larger than life, but that is just one reason to get yourself this issue of KUNST.EE, the art quarterly devoted to various aspects of contemporary art and visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are already rather more specific, inviting the reader to delve into an artwork, follow the artist and to critically consider the results.

In this winter issue, questions in the field of art are posed by Erle Loonurm, Tõnis Tatar, Reet Mark, Jüri Hain, Hanno Soans, Margit Säde, Indrek Grigor, Maarin Mürk, Andri Ksenofontov, Hardi Volmer, Kadi Hunt, Matthew Rana and Tamara Luuk. Questions, questions, questions…

Stay tuned!

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