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Autumn 2020

So what have we learned from the coronavirus crisis by now, esteemed art community? What about the climate crisis? Are we still slowing down or is the pace of life in fact accelerating behind the facade of virtual meetings and exhibitions, the popularity of which soared with COVID-19? Surely, all the cancelled projects must be realised sometime in the near future, but in what form? When you get right down to it – how can we "be good", that is, live and act in this oh so international art world without an embarrassingly bloated ecological footprint? Do we need less of all these flight shame-inducing -ennials and fairs, and more local community initiatives? Or what do we really need?

They say art is larger than life, but that is just one reason to get yourself this issue of KUNST.EE, the art quarterly devoted to various aspects of contemporary art and visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are already rather more specific, inviting the reader to delve into an artwork, follow the artist and to critically consider the results.

In this issue, questions in the field of art are posed by Kaarin Kivirähk, Madis Vasser, Siim Preiman, Kyle Chayka, Neeme Lopp, Jaan Elken, Raivo Kelomees, Mari Laaniste, Jan Kaus, Kaire Nurk, Tiina Tammetalu, Indrek Grigor and Mailis Timmi. Questions, questions, questions…

Stay tuned!

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