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Winter 2020

Is there a difference between the notion of freedom for society and the individual… in the midst of this coronavirus winter of our discontent? How can we care for and protect what is fragile? How should we speak and what should we say? When should we keep quiet? How can we overcome our reluctance to focus? How to move on? What would provide a sufficient stimulus? When all the elements necessary for life are seemingly at hand: water, sun, earth…

They say art is larger than life, but that is just one reason to get yourself this issue of KUNST.EE, the art quarterly devoted to various aspects of contemporary art and visual culture in Estonia. All other reasons are already rather more specific, inviting the reader to delve into an artwork, follow the artist and to critically consider the results.

In this issue, questions in the field of art are posed by Hanno Soans, Anders Härm, Indrek Grigor, Keiu Krikmann, Andreas Trossek, Eva-Erle Lilleaed, Anneli Porri, Aksel Haagensen, Triin Kerge, Michael Haagensen, Tõnis Tatar, Fred Pinault and Heie Marie Treier. Questions, questions, questions…

Stay tuned!

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