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Summer 2022

At a time of ongoing war in Ukraine, we do not know what the world will look like. Everything changes and never reverts to the way it was. Nothing ever comes back anyway. We can only move on with our lives. For what are our lives other than constant change? Who has privilege, who has money and who has the power? We have no way of knowing how things will turn out and how we will want to think of it later on. What happens is one thing, but another is what we are willing to accept.

You are holding the latest issue of the Estonian art quarterly KUNST.EE in your hand. We talk about the Venice Biennale, feminism in art, Eastern European identity, painting, drawing, photography and more. In this issue, questions are posed by Johanna Jolen Kuzmenko, Francisco Martínez, Andreas Trossek, Tiit Hennoste, Linda Kaljundi, Liisa Kaljula, Tanel Rander, Kerly Ritval, Elnara Taidre, Hanno Soans, Kristi Kongi, Sirje Runge, Holger Loodus, Tõnis Tatar and Reet Mark.

Stay tuned!

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