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Autumn 2022

What is protest? How can we fight injustice and wrongdoing? Does, for example, a decision to open an exhibition – about Soviet era (nonconformist) art – without pictures really help the Ukrainians who were attacked by present-day Russia? How can we go back in time? How are dead artists (re)discovered? How can anyone be included in the "right" discourse at an international level? Should a significant artist necessarily have a gallery in London, a studio in Berlin and a grandmother in Kabul? Because if you're not here, in your "right" place, then... you don't exist?

You are holding the latest issue of the Estonian art quarterly KUNST.EE in your hand. We talk about the Venice Art Biennale, feminism in art, postcolonial discourse, sociality, abstraction, deepfakes, design activism, jewellery and more. In this issue, questions are posed by Hedi Rosma, Reet Varblane, Karolina Ɓabowicz-Dymanus, Hanno Soans, Kädi Talvoja, Stefan Peetri, Kaisa Eiche, Kaire Nurk, Vano Allsalu, Margus Tamm, Urmas Lüüs, Julia Maria Künnap, Kai Koppel and Kadri Mälk.

Stay tuned!

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