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Winter 2013

This year's winners:

√ The Estonian Academy of Arts – by 2016 the academy will have a its main building on an industrial lot in North-Tallinn, 1 Kotzebue/ 7 Põhja Avenue. Or so they say. But at least the academy has a more defined perspective for the future.

√ Enn Põldroos – won the 34th Konrad Mägi prize and medal in November. As unbelievable as it may seem, this painter who went down in art history as an innovator already in the 1960s has only now been recognised with this award.

√ ANK '64 – a group of artists reunited after almost half a century for their retrospective at Tallinn Art Hall. Modernism is the antique of our times!

√ Dénes Farkas – from June to November he represented Estonia at the 55th international Venice Biennale. Post-conceptualism rocks!

√ Marge Monko – she opened her solo exhibition at Tartu Art Museum in July and at the Museum of Modern Art Vienna (MUMOK) in October. Feminism also rocks!

√ Mark Raidpere – in August he opened his solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM). Empathetic documentation at its best!

√ Jaanus Samma – in May he won the international jury prize of 5,000 euros and the public's choice award of 1,000 euros for the 2013 Köler Prize at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia where the nominees' exhibition was on display. The public and the experts have spoken!

This year's losers:

√ Estonian Academy of Arts – by gaining a new building in Kalamaja, North-Tallinn, the academy loses its historic lot at 1 Tartu Road, in the very centre of Tallinn. Or so they say. But what is the cost of all the hard work done in order to stay in the city centre, right?

√ The idea that art and culture are like parasites on the economy and the tax system – dear market liberals, when will you understand that we do not only work to make a profit?

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