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"Huupi's treatment of colour reveals her source of inspiration in creating this series – the Mexican architect Luis Barragán (1902–1988), whose few completed buildings in Mexico are undoubtedly architectural gems. The design of his own home has been widely recognised and the building currently functions as the architect's house museum." – Mary-Ann Talvistu "Without light, there would be no colours" (KUNST.EE 4/2021)


Encounter between installation and initiation

Gregor Taul (1-2/2011)

Gregor Taul vs. LIFT11
LIFT11 is a festival of urban installations taking place in the public sphere of Tallinn. A competition of concepts was held in autumn 2010 and ten site-specific installations were selected from the ideas submitted. These will be erected in various sites all over Tallinn from May 2011 to September. The festival is part of the European Capital of Culture – Tallinn 2011 series, and is organised by the non-profit organisation KAOS. From among 129 projects submitted to the LIFT11 competition, the jury selected 17 winning works. I would hereby like to comment on the winning projects and also draw some more general conclusions about the urban space in Tallinn.
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