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Eva & Adele in Tallinn

Heie Treier (1-2/2009)

Heie Treier speaks about a show Stereo-Effect, an exhibition, which was curated by Harry Liivrand in Tallinn Art Hall 22.04.–28.05.2009
The fact that Eva and Adele met in 1989 and started their artistic activity in 1991 already feels like a cliché after numerous interviews and the publication of the exhibition catalogue in Estonian. However, the abovementioned year mean more than that, they are not just some random numbers. I would see the emergence of Eva and Adele’s phenomenon as an echo of gender-related confrontations in the 1980s, when female artists in Europe and the USA still made enormous efforts to keep the word ‘artist’ from being automatically associated with a male person. Eva and Adele’s message might be enforcing the harmony and love between genders. The value of Eva and Adele’s Tallinn exhibition is proven by the fact that the works were specifi cally selected in their Berlin studio – this is not one of the imported ‘ready-made’ displays circulating in different countries.
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