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"I have used the comparison of [---] perforated skin, which does not cover, hide or adorn but rather hints at the internal." – Reet Varblane answers Hedi Rosma's questions about Anu Põder, whose works have been included in "The Milk of Dreams", the main exhibition of the ongoing 59th International Venice Art Biennale. "Untold backstories: Anu Põder (1947–2013) and her posthumous rise to international fame" (KUNST.EE 3/2022)


Following an invisible hand

Anneli Porri (3-4/2010)

Anneli Porri interviews Visible Solutions who, since opening an office in Tallinn (see KUNST.EE 2010, no 1–2, page 90) have already extended their regional grasp to Latvia.
Visible Solutions is a new innovative and internationally ambitious enterprise in the creative industries established by three young artists and entrepreneurs – Karel Koplimets, Taaniel Raudsepp and Sigrid Viir. They produce tastefully designed and masterfully crafted art objects, which they call consumer goods. Are they therefore a group of artists making contemporary art, or entrepreneurs running a business?
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