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KUNST.EE SPRING ISSUE STILL ON SALE: "The fact that the artist is a beggar who essentially pays the state for art – for the opportunity to make art – was articulated very clearly in Estonia in the noughties by female artists in particular." – Eha Komissarov: "The noughties are a very difficult theme to brand.(KUNST.EE 2/2021)


Following an invisible hand

Anneli Porri (3-4/2010)

Anneli Porri interviews Visible Solutions who, since opening an office in Tallinn (see KUNST.EE 2010, no 1–2, page 90) have already extended their regional grasp to Latvia.
Visible Solutions is a new innovative and internationally ambitious enterprise in the creative industries established by three young artists and entrepreneurs – Karel Koplimets, Taaniel Raudsepp and Sigrid Viir. They produce tastefully designed and masterfully crafted art objects, which they call consumer goods. Are they therefore a group of artists making contemporary art, or entrepreneurs running a business?
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