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Japan as the symbol of an ideal space in the art and spatial theory of Tõnis Vint

Elnara Taidre (1-2/2010)

Elnara Taidre’s excursion into the oriental background to the art of twentieth century Estonian avant-garde classic Tõnis Vint
Tõnis Vint is regarded as a pioneer who, starting in the 1960s, was a significant influence on the changing image of Estonian art – his artistic practises had an impact upon the principles of local visual arts generally and particularly on graphic art and design, interior design and architecture. Through making use of different traditions and methods, his erudition successfully overcame the isolation of the Soviet artworld. Among the sources of his inspiration was his research into the art and philosophy of the East – of China and Japan. This article aims to sketch some of the ways in which we can usefully talk about the ‘Japanese codes’ in the art discourse of Tõnis Vint.
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