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"I have used the comparison of [---] perforated skin, which does not cover, hide or adorn but rather hints at the internal." – Reet Varblane answers Hedi Rosma's questions about Anu Põder, whose works have been included in "The Milk of Dreams", the main exhibition of the ongoing 59th International Venice Art Biennale. "Untold backstories: Anu Põder (1947–2013) and her posthumous rise to international fame" (KUNST.EE 3/2022)


Kiwa und das Sublime

Indrek Grigor (3-4/2010)

Indrek Grigor approaches the art of Kiwa from the Kantian concept of the sublime
We can see from Kiwa’s explanations that his aim is not conceptual, anti-human, synthetic meaninglessness, but the experience of impotence that goes with exposing human experiences. Meaninglessness in his ‘nothingologia’ is not a system for creating meaning (creating meanings that people find incomprehensible or uncontrollable), but rather it is an experience that goes over people's heads – it is high on nothing. From classical philosophy we find an inevitable parallel with Kant’s definition of das Sublime, which stands for the imperceptible in both perceptions and definitions – that is, something literally beyond comprehension, over our heads.
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