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KUNST.EE SPRING ISSUE STILL ON SALE: "The fact that the artist is a beggar who essentially pays the state for art – for the opportunity to make art – was articulated very clearly in Estonia in the noughties by female artists in particular." – Eha Komissarov: "The noughties are a very difficult theme to brand.(KUNST.EE 2/2021)


Kiwa und das Sublime

Indrek Grigor (3-4/2010)

Indrek Grigor approaches the art of Kiwa from the Kantian concept of the sublime
We can see from Kiwa’s explanations that his aim is not conceptual, anti-human, synthetic meaninglessness, but the experience of impotence that goes with exposing human experiences. Meaninglessness in his ‘nothingologia’ is not a system for creating meaning (creating meanings that people find incomprehensible or uncontrollable), but rather it is an experience that goes over people's heads – it is high on nothing. From classical philosophy we find an inevitable parallel with Kant’s definition of das Sublime, which stands for the imperceptible in both perceptions and definitions – that is, something literally beyond comprehension, over our heads.
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