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"I have used the comparison of [---] perforated skin, which does not cover, hide or adorn but rather hints at the internal." – Reet Varblane answers Hedi Rosma's questions about Anu Põder, whose works have been included in "The Milk of Dreams", the main exhibition of the ongoing 59th International Venice Art Biennale. "Untold backstories: Anu Põder (1947–2013) and her posthumous rise to international fame" (KUNST.EE 3/2022)


London diary

Maria Juur (3-4/2010)

Maria Juur goes west
I leave Estonia on 20 August. The university lectures start a month later. I look at a security card with an extraordinarily unfortunate passport photograph and I cannot believe that I am now a master’s student at Goldsmiths College, where the student body once included Malcolm McLaren, Blur, Merike Estna and Maria Arusoo. The tutor for our group is a music critic, theorist and artist Kodwo Eshun, who was nominated for the Turner Prize in the ranks of the Otolith Group. Eshun himself remains modest, but you can see he is becoming a star professor. Connections to the glamorous art world have their role to play in this, because just a few years ago he was rather a cult music critic and professor. I missed the Turner Prize ceremony and the opening of the Frieze Art Fair, but a weekend full of art awaits me just a little bit later, when a good friend, Indrek Kasela, art lover and the businessman who revived Sõprus cinema, arrives in London…
Annika Ström.Ten Embarrased Men (2010) Frieze Foundation for Frieze Projects 2010, foto: Polly Braden < back

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