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Marge Monko, Rosie the Riveter, Kati the Weaver and Nora

Johannes Saar (1-2/2009)

Johannes Saar speaks about Marge Monko’s exhibition Bread and Flowers in Draakoni Gallery 8.–21.03.2009
The exhibition starts with a pastiche on J. Howard Miller’s famous employment propaganda poster We can do it! from the time of World War II. The United States Government encouraged housewives to come and work in factories, while their husbands were at war. Work needed to be done at the home front: bombs, missiles, and aircrafts. And women came; for the fi rst time since the Great Depression they were
needed outside the home sphere too. At this exhibition Marge Monko has stepped out of her home door and taken the honourable role of Kati the Weaver. Photographs of the large buildings of Kreenholm Manufactury. Kreenholm is bleak, with wind whistling through it. Kreenholm is a wreck – a surprise egg from the 19th century industrialization era that turned out empty – a disappointment that struck Kati the Weaver, a local, in the form of a job dismissal notice before last Christmas. Sharp timing indeed. While Rosie the Riveter’s career was fi nished by the end of the war, the sharp decrease in missile demand and men returning from the front, Kati the Weaver was sacked because of changes in the macro economy. Marge Monko, thus, tells us a real socio-critical story from our own back yard.
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