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Marina Abramović’s body centred art practices of the 1970s

Triin Tulgiste (3-4/2011)

Triin Tulgiste surveys the early period of Marina Abramović’s work


Despite an art career spanning four decades, Marina Abramović is still up-to-date and one of the hottest names the in local exhibition scene in 2011, and this not only in the local context. Her 2010 exhibition The Artist Is Present at the New York Museum of Modern Art and beating all visitors records has this autumn reached Moscow: it is clear that the artist in her sixties has the largest exhibition halls and audiences at her feet. In that sense the exhibition Art Must Be Beautiful. Marina Abramović’s Chosen Works within the framework of the Tartu contemporary art festival ART IST KUKU NU UT had a surprising and maybe even flattering effect on the Tartu and Estonian art audience.

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