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Marko Mäetamm double-conquering America

Karin Laansoo (1-2/2009)

Karin Laansoo’s overview of the New York double debut of Marko Mäetamm
Home Sweet Home by the Italian curator Ombretta Agró Andruffi was chosen in the Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Project (DGPC) as the first project of this year. After years of preparation the group exhibition dealing with the theme of domestic violence brought together a very peculiar cast, from the former Warhol Factory superstar Ultra Violet to the Swedish animator Cecilia Lundqvist and El Salvadorian artist Ronald Morán. Andruff discovered Mäetamm’s works in the Estonian Pavillion at the 2007 Venice Biennale, and saw them as ‘love at fi rst sight’, possibly because Sandbox (2006) and the animation Family (2007), both swamped with black humour, were appropriately placed in the first exhibition room as an opening chord for the exposition. Solo exhibition Another Day With My Family in Go North Gallery displayed new works by Mäetamm. The family drives a car (animation Car Drive), renovates their flat, and promenades in their garden or on the beach (photo series Funny Dreams), etc. Childishness and morbidity, the combination which is the activating force in almost all the works by Mäetamm, is in full gear here too. It seems that the petty bourgeois ‘cute potential’ in terms of formats is not yet exhausted here too, and quoting David Lynch, ‘home is a place where something always goes wrong’.
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