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Mister circus director

Maria Jäärats (1-2/2010)

Maria Jäärats’ exhibition report: The Circus, Artemi Troitski’s exhibit of contemporary art


Artemi Troitski is a colourful man. Once the pre-eminent expert and promoter of rock music in the Soviet Union, he has organised concerts for such bands as Mashina Vremeni and Kino, and even today he continues to be a leading contemporary music critic in Russia. Among other things, he hosts several TV and radio shows, he is a writer and teacher, and he has been the editor-in-chief of the Russian Playboy magazine. The role of art collector is relatively new for Troitski, having deliberately started to collect only five or six years ago, but gallerists have already begun to offer to exhibit his collection. The collection includes such well-known Russian stars as Ilya Kabakov, Timur Novikov, Dmitri Vrubel, Oleg Kulik, Vladimir Dubossarsky, Alexander Vinogradov, and the Estonian artists Priit Pärn, Jüri Arrak and Siim-Tanel Annus.

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