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Money organ and the healing wound: 54th Venice Biennale

Kirke Kangro (3-4/2011)

Report by Kirke and Maarja Kangro


The 54. Venice International Art Biennale ILLUMInations closed on November 27. Next spring project competitions will be organised for the new biennale. In order not to open a new biennale in the spring-summer of 2013 a total economic and political collapse should occur in Italy and Europe. In the catalogue of the Biennale curator, Bice Curiger writes that a reflection of the self is an integral part of art. Due to its witty and playful title ILLUMInations allows several interpretations; this year’s biennale is characterised by a particularly strong exploitation of the theme of the reflection of the self. Round tables were organised all through the Biennale to keep it active all the way through to the end – around the tables discussions were held about the format and essence of the biennale itself.

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