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Monochromatic exposure

Kaire Nurk (3-4/2011)


Kaire Nurk analyses Jaan Toomik’s short film Oleg against the background of his paintings


The first year of Oleg in different international film festivals, passed without much ado. The most recurrent phrases in local Estonian screen reviews and fluent reports were as follows: the plot of the film is simple: ‘episodes of a soldier’s life reflect real events’, ‘the story of a soldier who is released from the Soviet army’, ‘the story of a haunting memory about a tragic event that happened in the Soviet army and the process of breaking free from it’, ‘the film speaks about the ritual journey of a soldier’, ‘in three new Estonian short films women are persecuted, books are burned and cemeteries are slept in’, ‘a film about the suicide of a Russian boy’. Even though the 20-minute short film includes separate tense scenes that rapidly follow each other (together with static or so to speak empty frames, which in turn, dramatically enhance the tension of the story), I am still trying to get the plot of the story. I would like to propose that the plot is the scene of a conversation between Pärt (alias Jaan Toomik) and Oleg.
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