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On Translocal Express and other things

Andreas Trossek (1-2/2009)

Andreas Trossek interviews Rael Artel on the seminar about nationalism, Translocal Express. Golden Age, which took place at Kumu Art Museum 26.–27.03.2009
Rael Artel: Since the seminar Translocal Express, Jubilee Edition Public Preparation functions again as my curatorial strategy, this time providing a theoretical and discursive background for the exhibition on nationalism, which will open in Kumu in January 2010. I don’t even know it myself yet, precisely how the exhibition will turn out. Nevertheless, it is clear that it will be an international display, and one of my goals will also be producing new works. I would say that one big mistake people make when thinking and talking about nationalism is dealing with emotions. This is a very passionate subject, which is exactly why it should be approached rationally. I do not see it as particularly effective to divide nationalism into positive and negative categories, or distinguish between ‘good’ patriotism, and ‘bad’ nationalism. It is clear that they both provoke discrimination and violence for nonobjective reasons.
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