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Paean to the disappearing individual artist

Elnara Taidre (1-2/2009)

Elnara Taidre talks about the exhibition of young artists curated by Kiwa in Vaal Gallery 7.05.–9.06.2009
The title of the Kiwa curated exhibition, N0 Wave, can be read in two different ways: no wave or wave 0. Zero and emptiness or vacuum are among the curator’s favourite themes: he invented the self-mythological term ‘freak zero’ and also focused on the ‘empty set’ in his one-man exhibition High on Nothing (2008, ArtDepoo, Tallinn). Bringing together the works of young artists, Kiwa treats these, too, through the trope of zero (emptiness). While this show does involve a youth exhibition format, it remains an unconceptualized exhibition. The fact that it avoids defining a new trend makes it seem like an attempt to minimize the ‘dictatorship of the curator’.
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