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KUNST.EE SPRING ISSUE STILL ON SALE: "The fact that the artist is a beggar who essentially pays the state for art – for the opportunity to make art – was articulated very clearly in Estonia in the noughties by female artists in particular." – Eha Komissarov: "The noughties are a very difficult theme to brand.(KUNST.EE 2/2021)


Saving Wiiralt for art history

Heie Treier (3-4/2010)

Heie Treier interviews Finnish composer and art collector Juhani Komulainen
Juhani Komulainen, the owner of a valuable Estonian art collection in which Eduard Wiiralt plays a very special role, lives in Paris and Helsinki. Wiiralt’s own private collection of his works (linked to Nelly Stulz) was sold in Paris at the beginning of 21st century and is now carefully maintained in Strasbourg. Mai Levin is the best Estonian expert in the field, and she wrote of this unique art collection in KUNST.EE (2003, no 1, pages 90-92) right after the collection surfaced. Later she also published a catalogue based on an exhibition that took place at the Adamson-Eric museum. However, this interview offers the owner of the collection, the modest Juhani Komulainen himself, a chance to share the incredible story of how Wiiralt's works were saved for posterity.
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