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Strong fragility. Jewellery by Andrus Rumm

Harry Liivrand (1-2/2010)

Harry Liivrand is excited by Andrus Rumm’s jewellery exhibition Metanoia
Noblesse has an important place in the art of Andrus Rumm. According to the artist himself, the exhibit Metanoia (the term comes from Greek, and in theology signifies forgiveness), installed in a highly refined manner, was a reaction to looting by Russians in April 2007 in Tallinn – a ‘fine revenge on barbarianism would be to create something lovely, something beautiful and fragile’. Rumm is interested in system and order and he works with a well-structured composition that allows no place for randomness, much less chaos. Rumm works mainly with precious metals. He has mastered superbly the skill of working with metals processed into extremely thin layers.
Andrus Rumm, "Metanoia", 2010 < back

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