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The image of Eastern Europe in the Transitland video archive

Margaret Tali (1-2/2010)

The video art archive of Eastern Europe and its representative exhibition in Budapest possess both scope and weight, says Margaret Tali
The Transitland Archive was established on the initiative of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest and comprises video works by Central and Eastern European artists from the past twenty years. It is a project that relates critically to the future and to the recent past, and bears directly on individual curatorial works, museum policies and the discourses of local art histories. The first exhibition to have been curated from the Transitland archive, …on the Eastern Front. Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe 1989–2009, offers an opportunity for a closer examination at the collection, and a collection of texts, Transitland: Video Art from Central and Eastern Europe 1989–2009 (2009), summarizes the whole initiative. The entire archive of 100 videos represents the work of artists dealing with changes in a total of 24 countries. The works included in the archive were selected from 350 videos, which in turn were collected from works suggested by local curators and experts. In the final phase, newly-commissioned works were added to the selection.
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