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The late comeback of Jack Early

Karin Laansoo (1-2/2010)

Karin Laansoo is excited about the New York comeback of Jack Early
The opening of Jack Early’s personal exhibition at the Southfirst Gallery in Williamsburg might have become lost in the glut of openings at the beginning of the season had it not been – to put it mildly – for an unusual fact: it was the artist’s first exhibition in New York after a seventeen-year break. The scandal that surrounded his last project at Leo Castell Gallery in 1992 had for a long time erased the promising young star from the local artworld’s consciousness and extinguished his previous career. The return of Early gives us reason to brush the dust off the old story and review it with fresh eyes. It seems that the artist who had once accidentally stepped on a mine of political correctness is at last on his way toward rehabilitation. Early has created an installation manifest, Jack Early’s Ear Candy Machine,to announce his return. According to the artist, everything that has happened to him during the past seventeen years is concentrated in it.
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