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"Huupi's treatment of colour reveals her source of inspiration in creating this series – the Mexican architect Luis Barragán (1902–1988), whose few completed buildings in Mexico are undoubtedly architectural gems. The design of his own home has been widely recognised and the building currently functions as the architect's house museum." – Mary-Ann Talvistu "Without light, there would be no colours" (KUNST.EE 4/2021)


The power of phrasing

Katrin Kivimaa (1-2/2011)

Katrin Kivimaa contextualising the exhibition Untold Stories

The exhibition Untold Stories, held at Tallinn Art Hall in May and June 2011, will certainly leave its trace on Estonian cultural history, and especially the history of exhibitions. The display comprising the works of a couple of dozen Estonian and foreign artists is the first extensive and international curatorial project in Estonia concentrating on the (self-)representation of sexual minorities – primarily via storytelling. Those who consider it merely a niche project are mistaken: the exhibition addresses the Estonian society as a whole.
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