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The stillborn superstar Stiv

Maria Juur (1-2/2010)

The final deathmatch of the exhibition Stiv, Superstar: Maria Juur vs Madis Luik & Jarmo Nagel
Stiv, Superstar, an exhibition by photography students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, Madis Luik and Jarmo Nagel, could be characterised as being one lazy experiment. The project’s aim was to treat the ‘phenomenon of superstars in Estonian society and media’, and no one could deny the contemporary relevance of the subject matter. What is the point of dissecting the phenomenon? It is the click-hungry media that is to blame. To be honest, I think Luik and Nagel were mostly fooling around, and their experiment was, in the end, lazy – mainly because it lacked any real scope or ambition to overcome the much derided and loved media. To create real hype – that would have been more interesting.
Madis Luik & Jarmo Nagel, "Stiv, Superstar", 2010 < back

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