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Time ennobles everything

Kristiina Davidjants (3-4/2011)

Kristiina Davidjants discusses Kristina Norman’s documentary A Monument to Please Everyone


‘The monument to the War of Independence is an object of education, it is of educative value for everyone. Learning must be clear and figurative. No cube or bundle, no abstraction may be worthy of the War of Independence. What will be erected upon Freedom Square is not an element of urban design. It is the column of the War of Independence. I wish strength to the erectors!’ That was Tõnis Lukas, Minister of Education of the Republic of Estonia in 1999–2002 and Minister of Education and Science in 2007–2011, who appears with this simple and clear statement in Kristina Norman’s documentary A Monument to Please Everyone (2011). He does not actually say out right in the prologue; however, from the very beginning it is clear that one of the protagonists in the film, which observes the saga of erecting the War of Independence Victory Column over four years, is the state, or more precisely, the government. And one doesn’t argue with the authorities, much less enter into discussion about the importance of aesthetic values.

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