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"Huupi's treatment of colour reveals her source of inspiration in creating this series – the Mexican architect Luis Barragán (1902–1988), whose few completed buildings in Mexico are undoubtedly architectural gems. The design of his own home has been widely recognised and the building currently functions as the architect's house museum." – Mary-Ann Talvistu "Without light, there would be no colours" (KUNST.EE 4/2021)


Time, space, graphic art

Marian Kivila (1-2/2011)

Marian Kivila vs. IN Graafika Festival 2011
The IN Graafika festival of print art was founded in the 1990s by the former art department at the Sütevaka Humanities Senior Secondary School in Pärnu. Back then its main idea was to provide an outlet for students and promote the genre of graphic art. By now the former student art festival has developed into an international event. However, the internationalism of the IN Graafika Festival should still not be seen as its sole or even main criterion.
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