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To touch the world around us economically – Tanel Veenre’s antidote

Kadri Mälk (3-4/2009)

Tanel Veenre’s JEWELLERY – an exhibition and a book, Rotermann Wheat Rye Mill, Tallinn, as explained by Kadri Mälk 


Tanel Veenre’s big solo presentation at the Wheat Rye Mill in the Rotermann District posed a series of questions to the audience. How can a young man hypnotise the room and step out with a roomful of works? And there is nothing else, only… jewellery! Tanel Veenre’s works could be characterised by such key words as cultural boredom and decadence. The fearlessness to touch upon grand themes has been an essential part of Tanel Veenre ever since the first steps along his artistic path. And he has managed to do this with considerable economy.

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